How do I prevent employees from making short notice absence requests?

In order to ensure that you have enough cover in place, you may wish to set a minimum notice period that employees have to give when making absence requests.

This guide will look at: 

  • Preventing Requests Within X Days in Self Service Profiles
  • Preventing Requests Within X Days in action

Preventing Requests Within X Days in Self Service Profiles

  1. Select ‘System’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘Self Service Profiles’ from the System Tree.
  3. Select the required Self Service Profile.
  4. Select the ‘General’ tab.
  5. In ‘Disallow Requests Within X Days’ (in the ‘Requests’ section), input a number to replace X.*
  6. Save.

* The number of days you choose are calculated as full days (00:00-24:00). Therefore, the day the request is made will be ignored as it is only a part-day.


‘Disallow Requests Within 1 Day’ selected: an employee trying to request an absence for tomorrow would be prevented from doing so, as it is not a full day away.

‘Disallow Requests Within 7 Days’ selected: the earliest day that can be requested successfully is a week from tomorrow, remembering that today is ignored as a part-day.

Preventing Requests Within X Days in action

When an employee now requests an absence that falls within the ‘disallowed’ time period, they will be prevented from doing so. A message explaining why appears, giving details of when the earliest date that they can request actually is.

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