How do I set up a ‘No Show’ Workflow and what is it used for?

A ‘No Show’ Workflow is used to alert management of employees who have not clocked in today for the start of a scheduled shift. The employee could simply be running a few minutes late or there may be a more serious reason. Management can use the ‘No Show’ information to follow up on the welfare of their employees and, if necessary, ensure that they have sufficient cover in place. 

This guide will look at an example Use Case in explaining the following:

  • Setting up the Workflow
  • Setting up email notifications

Use Case

All Team Leaders need to know, as soon as possible, if any of their staff have not turned up for work. Shifts start at 06:00, 09:00 and 12:00. In order to allow some leeway for those Employees who may be running a few minutes late, the Team Leaders want to receive an email at ten minutes past the shift start times, highlighting if anyone is still a 'No Show'.

Setting up the Workflow

  1. Select ‘Workflow’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘New’ (single page icon).
  3. Name the Workflow ‘No Shows’.
  4. Select ‘No Show’ from the ‘Type’ drop-down menu.
  5. In ‘Groups’, select ‘All’.
  6. In ‘Profiles’, select ‘Team Leaders’.
  7. In ‘Traffic Lights’, set ‘Amber’ to 0 and ‘Red’ to 1. The Workflow will now turn red as soon as there is a single ‘No Show’.
  8. Save.

The Employees’ contact details and their expected shifts will be displayed in the Workflow.

Setting up email notifications

  1. Tick ‘Email Enabled’.
  2. Select all ‘Recipients’.
  3. Include the Traffic Light Status and the number count of ‘No Shows’ in the subject line of the email.
  4. Include the content in the body of the email itself.
  5. Set the ‘Send Level’ to ‘Red’. The Team Leaders will only receive emailed notifications if there is a ‘No Show’ (according to the Traffic Light Status).
  6. Select ‘Schedule’ and ‘+Add item’.
  7. Set to send at 06:10 on all days.
  8. Select ‘+Add item’.
  9. Set to send at 09:10 on all days.
  10. Select ‘+Add item’.
  11. Set to send at 12:10 on all days.
  12. Save.

Additional information

When you now navigate to the Workflow page in the Menu Bar, ‘No Shows’ sits in the list along with any Workflows that you have access to.

By expanding it, you will see the details of the Workflow.

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