How do I turn on Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security to a User’s login, in addition to the usual username and password. This extra layer comes in the form of a six-digit code, sent via email to the User’s registered email address.

This guide will look at:

  • Turning on Two Factor Authentication
  • Logging in with Two Factor Authentication

Turning on Two Factor Authentication

  1. Select ‘System’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select  the ‘System’ folder from the System Tree.
  3. Select ‘System Setup’.
  4. Select the ‘Web’ tab.
  5. In the ‘Login’ section, tick ‘Two Factor Authentication’.
  6. Save.

It’s important to understand that this is a system-wide setting so will affect all Users. Before turning on, make sure that you have a working email system where all Users have their own unique email address (registered in the Personal tab of their User Record). Otherwise, a User without a registered email will not be able to log in.

If a User is already logged in when the system is turned on, they will need to go through the Two Factor Authentication process the next time they log in.

Logging in with Two Factor Authentication

  1. Input your username and password into the Focus login page, as usual.
  2. Select ‘LOG IN’ - the Two Factor Authentication page appears.
  3. Navigate to your registered email to retrieve your one-off six-digit security code.
  1. Input the code into the Two Factor Authentication login page.
  2. Select ‘Verify’.

Additional information

Remember me on this browser

Ticking this box allows you to log in via the current browser for 30 days without having to go through the Two Factor Authentication process.


In the unlikely instance that you do not receive a code via email to your registered email address, select ‘Resend’ to receive a new code. You will need to leave 30 seconds between each new Resend.

Unable to send email, please contact your Focus administrator

This error message is likely to occur if you do not have a registered email set up in Focus.

Invalid code

This error message appears if the code you enter is incorrect. This includes a valid code sent to your email but not used within 5 minutes.

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