How do I use Calculation Types on the Timesheet?

Calculation Types are what Focus uses to calculate time when making edits. In Timesheets, they come into play when an edit to hours is being made. The three Calculation Types (Add To, Set To, From Schedule) calculate time in different ways. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences.

When making an hours edit in the Timesheet, your choice of Absence Reason will dictate which Calculation Type and how many hours are applied by default. These defaults were set when the Absence Reason was created. You can override these defaults if required.

This guide will look at:

  • Add To - adding the new total to the hours already worked
  • Set To - replacing the hours worked with the new total
  • From Schedule - using the hours from the employee’s schedule

Add To

What it does: Adds the new total to any existing time.

Example: An employee clocked out at lunchtime because, at short notice, they asked for a half-day holiday. Their line manager booked them a half-day absence, adding the hours to those already worked that day.

Set To

What it does: Replaces any existing time with the new total.

Example: An employee clocks in but clocks out 2 hours later, due to a family emergency. Their line manager booked them a full 8-hour day of compassionate leave, replacing the 2 hours worked. 

From Schedule

What it does: Applies whatever hours are assigned by the Shift Rule (their schedule).

Example: An employee was off work sick. Their line manager booked them off as ‘Sick Paid’ which defaults as ‘From Schedule’. Focus applies their Shift Rule’s hours to pay them for the amount of time they would have worked.

Important note - Using ‘From Schedule’ can lead to unexpected results if the employee is not on the expected schedule.

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