How do I use templates within the Drafting Bench?

Templates allow you to capture the Drafting Bench requirements of a specific day in order to use them again in the future, thus speeding up the planning process. This guide will show you how to save, load and manage your templates.

Save Template

It’s important to note that saving as a template only saves the requirements that are in the Drafting Bench, not the count of any shifts that have been allocated to the Rota.

  1. In the Drafting Bench, select the menu header cell (three dots) on the required day.
  2. Select ‘Save Template’.
  3. Give your template a name.
  4. Select ‘Save’.

It is best practice to save any complete Drafting Bench requirements as a template for future use. Next time you use the Drafting Bench on a day with similar staffing requirements, you can then simply load your saved template.

Load Template

Saved templates should be seen as modular building blocks that can either be used individually or combined to create your daily requirements. For example:

  • Load a single template to an empty Drafting Bench to duplicate exact requirements.
  • Load a single template to add to any pre-existing requirements within the Drafting Bench.
  • Load multiple templates to build up requirements on days with fluctuating workloads.

  1. In the Drafting Bench, select the menu header cell (three dots) on the required day.
  2. Select ‘Load Template’.
  3. Select the required template.
  4. Select ‘Add’. The template’s requirements will then be added to any current requirements.
  5. If you need to add further template requirements, repeat Steps 3-4.
  6. Once you are happy with your requirements, select ‘Apply’. These requirements will now appear in the Drafting Bench.

Manage Templates

By selecting ‘Manage Templates’, you can delete any of your saved templates should you no longer wish to utilise them.

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