How do I approve and lock Timesheets?

Approving a Timesheet means that you are confirming that the information is correct and ready to be further approved by your line manager or processed by payroll. Therefore, before approving and locking a Timesheet, you need to carry out some checks.

This guide will look at:

  • Things to consider before approving a Timesheet
  • Editing a Timesheet
  • Approving and locking a Timesheet

Things to consider before approving a Timesheet

  • Are there any discrepancies regarding the hours/days/shifts worked?
  • Are the totals correct?
  • Are there any infringements that need addressing?

In this example, the employee has two separate issues:

1.  They did not clock out on Tuesday (unless addressed, they will lose 8 hours of pay).

2.  There is an Infringement on Thursday that requires attention. Notice the little ‘i’ next to the 16:45 clocking. This is Focus saying that there is an issue with this clocking - in this case it is because the employee clocked out early. This may or may not be something that needs addressing with the employee.

Editing a Timesheet

Make any necessary adjustments to the Timesheet by selecting the required cell and filling in the details.

  • Clockings, daily hours and shifts can be edited. Weekly totals cannot.
  • All edits have a history showing the original information, in addition to when the last edit was made and by whom.
  • In order to edit a Timesheet, it must be unlocked (light yellow in colour). When locked, the Timesheet is white, and cannot be edited.

Approving and locking a Timesheet

Change the current status to ‘Approved’. The Timesheet will automatically lock.

If, at a later stage, you need to make further changes, select ‘Unlock’ (automatically returning the status to ‘Unapproved’) and edit before approving the Timesheet again.

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