How do I authorise overtime?

Knowing there is overtime to authorise

The quickest method of checking is via the Dashboard. By selecting the Group and Period that you wish to look at, the Unauthorised Overtime pie chart will highlight any employees who need their overtime authorising.

Authorising the overtime itself is done within the employee’s timesheet. Depending on your system settings, you may actually be prevented from approving and/or locking timesheets until any overtime has been authorised. In order to give some context to the process, this guide will follow a Use Case.

Use Case


The overtime system at Dan’s workplace has been designed so that any time worked beyond 17:00 at the normal rate (Rate 1) will be placed in its own Rate column (Un/OT). A 15-minute leeway has been applied for employees to clock out after their usual 17:00 finish. When clocking out after this leeway time, an employee is considered to have been working and it is this overtime that needs authorising.

Dan’s Timesheet

Dan has worked overtime on Tuesday and Wednesday (00:25 and 02:04 respectively). Unless authorised, Dan won’t be paid for this additional work. The other times in the Un/OT rate column can be ignored as, given the 15-minute leeway, these are not deemed to be overtime and so are not highlighted. 

Authorising overtime

  1. In the ‘UnO/T’ rate column, select a highlighted cell where the overtime needs authorising.
  2. A pop-up box appears showing the current ‘Rate’ of the overtime (eg. Un/OT).
    Change this ‘Rate’ to the one at which overtime is to be paid (eg. Rate 2).
  3. Depending on your system settings, you may need to provide a reason and/or a comment.
  4. Save.
  5. Repeat the process for all overtime that needs authorising.

Once complete, the authorised overtime now sits in the new rate column (Rate 2). The same amount of time shows as being subtracted from its original rate column (Un/OT).

The rates summary at the bottom of the timesheet also now reflects the overtime that has been authorised.

Additional information

Your organisation may have a different overtime system setup (ie. where overtime still needs authorising but doesn’t need moving from one rate to another). However, the basic process of authorisation remains the same.

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