How do I assign Skills to employees?

Assigning Skills to employees couldn't be simpler. You do this in the Skills tab of the Employee Form.

  1. Select ‘Employees’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select the required employee from the Employees Tree.
  3. Select the ‘Skills’ tab.
  4. Tick the Skills that you wish to assign to the employee.
  5. Save.

Additional information

The employee’s Skill icons are visible underneath their name in all tabs of the Employee Form (when ‘Show Skill Badges on Employee Form’ is turned on in System Setup). The Skill icons are also visible underneath their name in the Rota (when ‘Show Skills’ is selected).

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How do I create a new Skill?

Skills are used to declare a single requirement for a certain shift within the Rota.

How do I create and use Skill Sets?

Use Skill Sets to create complex requirements for Rota Shifts, to ensure you have all the skills you need in the place you need them.

How do I build a Rota with Skill requirements?

Set Skill requirements for shifts on the Rota to make sure you have the right people for the job.

Skill Level