How do I create a new Skill?

Skills are used to declare a single requirement for a certain shift within the Rota (eg. you need a First Aider on the late shift), as well as being a useful way of keeping track of an employee’s career progression.

This guide will look at:

  • Creating a Skill
  • Deleting a Skill

Creating a Skill

  1. Select ‘Rules’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘Skills’ from the Rules Tree.
  3. Select ‘Create New’.
  4. Give your Skill a name (eg. First Aid).
  5. Select an icon to represent your Skill.*
  6. If you don’t want to select an icon, give your Skill a colour.*
  7. Save.

* If you choose an icon, then your Skill does not need a colour. A Skill with no icon will show as a circle containing two letters (eg. First Aid will show as FA). The circle will be the colour that you selected. Otherwise, it will remain white.

Deleting a Skill

  1. Select the required Skill from the 'Skills' folder.
  2. Select 'Delete' (dustbin icon at the top of the screen).
  3. Select 'OK'.

You will be prevented from deleting a Skill if it is currently part of a Skill Set, is assigned to an employee or is a Skill Requirement within the Rota. Therefore, you will first need to delete it from any corresponding Skill Sets, unassign it from all relevant employees and remove it from the Rota.

Additional information

Once you have created a Skill, it will not become active until you assign it to any relevant employees.

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