How do I create and manage User Defined Fields?

User Defined Fields (User Fields), are custom values (dates, files or text) that you can add to your Employee Forms to store the information important to you. This organisation-specific information, which could range from training and qualifications to emergency contact details, appears in the Employee Form as additional tabs. These tabs are subject to user rights, allowing you to control who sees what information.

This guide will look at:

  • Creating a new User Field
  • Adding additional User Fields
  • User Fields and Tabs
  • Managing User Fields

Creating a new User Field

  1. Select ‘System’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. In the System Folder, select ‘User Fields’.
  3. Select ‘+Add item’.
  4. Give your ‘field’ a ‘Name’ and ‘Label’. The ‘Name’ is used by Focus behind the scenes - it must have no spaces separating the words. The ‘Label’ is what you will actually see as a User so requires spaces between words. It’s best practice to use the same information in both the ‘Name’ and ‘Label’.
  1. Select the required ‘Type’ of information. The most commonly used are:
  • Date: used to enter dates
  • File: used to upload and view certificates or similar documents
  • Number: used to entire digits
  • Text: used to type information (you can limit the number of characters)
  1. Save.
  1. You will see a preview of how your created field will appear in the Employee Form. The name of the tab can now be edited (its default is 'User-1').
  2. Save.

Adding additional User Fields

  1. Select ‘+Add item’.
  2. Repeat the above process.
  3. Save.

Hints and Tips:

  • By choosing ‘Spacer’ in Type, you can separate fields into sections via a blue line.
  • By choosing ‘Column Break’ in Type, you can create a second column. All fields after the Column Break will appear in the second column.

User Fields and Tabs

Each tab can hold up to two columns. The second 'Column Break' in a tab will actually create a new tab, rather than create a third column. 

To create a new Tab when you have just one column of User Fields:

  1. Place two ‘Column Breaks’ in succession.
  2. Edit the name of the new tab.
  3. Save.

You can then continue to add further User Fields. These will be added to the second tab that you have created. Regardless of how many new tabs you create, the User Fields remain in one list.

Managing User Fields

Deleting a User Field

Select the red cross next to the field and ‘delete item’. Exercise caution here. If you do delete a field, any information that has been entered into that field on an Employee Form will also be lost. Therefore, it’s good practice to limit who has access to User Fields setup.

Removing a tab

Delete the two Column Breaks that you created to make the new tab. Although the tab will be removed, any User Fields that were part of that tab will remain. These will also need deleting individually.

Editing a User Field

Select the field you wish to edit from the list (it will be highlighted purple). Make any changes and save.

Moving a User Field

You can change the position of a field by selecting it from the list (it will be highlighted purple) and moving it up or down using the arrow buttons.

Additional information

Once you have finished creating your User Fields, navigate to an Employee Form in order to see the additional tabs in action. Individual information can now be entered or imported.

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