How do I keep track of company equipment that my team uses at home?

You can create your own User Defined Fields (User Fields) to keep track of any items that employees are given by your company. You can record dates that a mobile phone was allocated, serial numbers of IT equipment or perhaps digital copies of policy documentation.

The User Fields, once created, appear as tabs in Employee Forms and so are easily accessible. These tabs are subject to user rights, allowing you to control who sees what information.

This guide will look at:

  • Creating a new User Field
  • Adding additional User Fields

We will also follow a Use Case as a specific example of what is possible when creating User Fields.

Use Case

Members of a Sales team often work from home and their company provides them with a mobile phone and laptop to use for this purpose. The Sales Manager wants to record the details of this equipment, as well having a digitised copy of the signed Company Equipment  policy document.

Creating a new User Field

  1. Select ‘System’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘User Fields’ from the System Tree.
  3. Select ‘+Add item’.
  4. ‘Name’ and ‘Label’ your first field. The ‘Name’ is used by Focus behind the scenes - it must have no spaces separating the words. The ‘Label’ is what you will actually see as a User so requires spaces between words. It’s best practice to use the same information in both the ‘Name’ and ‘Label’.
  5. Select ‘Date’ as the required ‘Type’ of information, as we want the User to be able to show when the phone was allocated.
  6. Save.

  1. You will see a preview of how your created field will appear in the Employee Form. Change the name of the tab (which defaults as User-1) to ‘Company Equipment’.
  2. Save.

Adding additional User Fields

Simply repeat Steps 3-6, using the appropriate Type for each new field created.

  • Date: used to enter dates
  • Number: used to enter digits
  • Spacer: used to separate fields into sections via a blue line
  • Text: used to type information
  • File: used to upload and view documents

In our Use Case, add the following additional fields in sequence:

Additional information

Once you have finished creating your User Fields, navigate to an Employee Form in order to see the Company Equipment tab in action. Individual information can now be entered or imported.

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