How do I print the Rota?

You may wish to print a hard copy of your Rota to share with your team, for instance, on a communal noticeboard. This is a quick and easy process.

  1. Select ‘Print’ at the top of the Rota. 
  2. In the print settings, select the required printer.*
  3. Make any necessary changes to the print layout (ie. portrait / landscape, adjust the scale, etc). Different browsers will have slightly different settings.
  4. Select ‘Print’ in the print settings.

* Rather than printing a hard copy of the Rota, you may wish to save it as PDF and email it to your team instead.

Additional information

Printing the Rota will print everything in the current view. Therefore, if you are planning on displaying the hard copy for others to see, you may wish to hide any sensitive information (ie. budgets) and turn off any unwanted features (ie. the Drafting Bench) before printing.

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