How do I see what changes other Users have made in Focus?

The Audit Log records changes made by all Users. As a general rule, edits that are not usually expected are captured by the Audit Log. This includes edits to employee Timesheets and Calendars, but does not include, for example, changes to the Rota.

The Audit Log not only shows the details of what changes have been made, but also when they were made and by whom. This can be useful if, for example, you are trying to track down a specific change.

This guide will look at:

  • Accessing and viewing the Audit Log
  • Purging the Audit Log

Accessing and viewing the Audit Log

  1. Select ‘Reports’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘Audit Log’ from the Reports Tree.
  3. In the ‘Log Date’, select the time period that you wish to look at (eg. today).

At this stage, in the preview window, you can see all changes from your selected period, listed in chronological order.

Helpful search tips:

Selecting the ‘Log Time’ column heading will show the changes in reverse chronological order (ie. latest change showing first).

Selecting the ‘Last Name’ column heading will allow you to filter the changes by employee.

  1. Select ‘Run’ to run the full Audit Log report. 
  1. If required, select ‘Export’ to download it as a PDF, for example.

Purging the Audit Log

You can purge the Audit Log at any time. By default, this will remove all records from the log so should not be carried out unless you know what you are doing. The Audit Log contains up to 20,000 entries by default. When Focus reaches this limit, it will automatically prompt you to purge the Audit Log.

  1. Select the ‘Purge’ button - a warning message will appear, showing how many records will be deleted and how many will be retained.
  2. Select ‘OK’ if you wish to proceed.

The details of the purge will now be shown in the Audit Log.

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