How do I see which Timesheets need approval?

Without having to go through each Timesheet individually, there is a simple way in Focus of seeing which Timesheets still need approving.

This guide will look at:

  • Employees Summary - which employees have Timesheets that need approval
  • Detail - which Timesheets actually need approval

In the examples that follow, we will assume that you wish to ensure that all Timesheets are approved to their highest level.

Employees Summary - which employees have Timesheets that need approval

  1. Select ‘Reports’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘Payroll’ from the Reports Tree.
  3. Select ‘Payroll - Weekly Hours’.
  4. In ‘Groups’, select the required Group.
  5. In ‘Date’, select the required period of time.

You can immediately see from the Employees Summary that there are some Timesheets that still need approval. All those employees not highlighted in green have Timesheets that need approval. This view won’t, however, show which of their Timesheets these are.

Detail - which Timesheets actually need approval

Change ‘Employees Summary’ to ‘Detail’.

You can now see the exact Timesheets that still need approval according to their date. Again, these are all those not highlighted in green.

While you are in the Payroll Report, you can bulk approve these remaining Timesheets, assuming you have the permissions to do so. Otherwise, using the information you have in front of you, navigate to the individual Timesheets and approve them one at a time.

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