How do I set up a Focus Wave Reader?

What is Focus Wave? 

Focus Wave allows employees to clock in and out using their mobile phone or other hand-held device. This wireless technology works in much the same way as making contactless payments with your phone. By simply holding your phone or device close to a strategically placed Focus Wave Reader, all clocking information is recorded, removing the need to carry swipe cards, fobs or similar items.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Set up a Focus Wave Reader as a new connection
  • Enable an employee to use Focus Wave
  • Position the Focus Wave Reader

Setting up a Focus Wave Reader as a new connection

  1. Select ‘System’ in the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘Connections’ in the System Tree.
  3. Select ‘Create New’.

Basic tab

Name: Give your connection a name. For example, Front Entrance 1.

Device: Select ‘Focus Wave’ from the menu.

Terminal ID: Input a unique number (ie. one that has not been assigned to another terminal). This should consist of numbers only and is not to be confused with the UID number which is found on the Focus Wave Reader itself (see below).

General tab

Focus Wave

UID Number: Input the 14-digit code that is found on your Focus Wave Reader. This doesn’t require spaces and is not case sensitive.


T&A: This stands for Time & Attendance. Tick this box if you want all clockings from this Reader to appear on the employee’s timesheet as a record of start and finish times.

On Fire Report: This menu allows you to choose how the employee appears when running a fire report in case of fire. You can decide which one of the following should happen when clocking at this particular Focus Wave Reader:

None - employee will never show on the report.

As T&A - employee will show as IN or OUT on the report depending on their T&A clockings.

IN - employee will always be classed as IN on the report.

OUT - employee will always be classed as OUT on the report.


Location: If required, allocate a Location to this Focus Waver Reader.

Cost Centre: If required, allocate a default Cost Centre to this Focus Waver Reader.


Description: If required, add your own description here for reference.

NB: Remember to ‘Save’ your new connection once you have completed all of the information.

Enabling an employee to use Focus Wave

Important: Employees cannot use Focus Wave unless they have a Self Service Profile.

Self Service Profile

  1. Select ‘System’ in the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘Self Service Profiles’ in the System Tree.
  3. Select the required Self Service Profile.
  4. Select ‘General’>’Clocking Rules’ and tick ‘Focus Wave Clocking’.
  5. If you use Geofences as part of your clocking procedures, select the ‘Geolocation’ tab. Otherwise, jump to Step 7.
  6. Ticking ‘Focus Wave Tag is Valid Location’ will override any other Geofencing restrictions, allowing clocking at the Reader regardless of its location. If unticked, the Reader will need to be located within the specified Geofence in order to work.
  7. Save.

Employee Form

  1. Navigate to the required employee.
  2. Select the ‘Clock’ tab.
  3. Assign the Focus Wave Reader by ticking the corresponding box.
  4. Save.

Tip: Use Group Actions to assign the Focus Wave Reader to multiple employees all at once.

Positioning the Focus Wave Reader

Where you place the Reader is completely up to you. It can be peeled off and stuck straight onto a surface using the self-adhesive backing. Alternatively, cut around the Reader and position it as required.

Things to consider when positioning the Reader:

  • Can all employees easily access it?
  • Is it in a place which prevents minimum disruption to others?
  • Will it get damaged by activities close by?

Important: Do not position on metallic surfaces. This stops the Focus Wave Reader from working.

Next steps

Check that employees have the following in order to start using Focus Wave:

  • Focus Self Service app installed on their phone/device - this can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or via the Google Play Store.
  • An NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled phone/device.

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