How do I set up an Employee to be included in the Rota?

Setting up an employee to use the Rota is done in the Rules tab of the Employee Form. This guide will look at:

  • Basic setup
  • Additional setup options

Basic setup

  1. Select ‘Employees’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select the required Employee from the Employees’ Tree.
  3. Select the ‘Rules’ tab in the Employee Form.
  4. In the ‘Work Schedule’ section, select ‘ROTA’ from the drop-down menu in ‘General’.
  5. Save.

At this stage, the employee will now show in any Rotas where they are a member of the selected Group.

Additional setup options

Still in the Rules tab of the Employee Form, you can now make any required changes to the following settings:

Work Schedule - For Rota

You may wish to allocate the employee a Work Schedule from the drop-down menu. This will become the schedule that Focus uses whenever you choose the default option when populating the Rota from Work Schedules.

Rota Template Rule

This function comes into play when manually adding times to the Rota instead of adding a Shift Rule.

Select a ‘Rota Template Rule’ from the drop-down menu. When times have been manually added to the Rota, Focus will use the Rota Template Rule to apply its rules to the employee’s clockings (ie. clocking infringements and overtime hour calculations).


  • An employee has the Casual Standard Shift rule set as their Rota Template Rule.
  • The Casual Standard Shift rule is set so that any time worked beyond 8 hours will move to an overtime rate. ‘Late in’ clockings are infringements.
  • In the Rota, the employee was allocated the Casual Standard Shift on Tue & Wed. Manual times were added (0500-1300) on Thu & Fri.

Focus has taken the Rota Template Rule (Casual Standard Shift) and applied its logic to Thu & Fri.

You can see from the Timesheet;

  • The five minute late clocking on Fri has been flagged as an infringement, the same as it has on Wed.
  • The overtime rules from the Casual Standard Shift have been applied to the Thu & Fri clockings, despite them being much earlier in the day.

Rota Weekly Limit Hours

You may wish to set a weekly hours limit, for example, if employees are restricted in the number of hours they can work each week. With ‘Show Total Hours’ enabled in Options, you can use the weekly limit to warn you of any potential working time breaches when building your Rota. The Total Hours will be highlighted red once the weekly limit has been exceeded.

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