How do I use the Availability Screen?

There is more to the Availability Screen than simply viewing which employees are absent or available each month. For example, as a User, you can book absences, view holiday balances and apply a variety of different filters to assist with your own planning requirements.

This guide will look at:

  • The Availability Screen - getting started
  • The Options menu
  • Absence Management
  • Viewing Holiday Balances
  • The Availability Screen in action - Use Cases

The Availability Screen - getting started

  1. Select ‘Availability’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select the Group(s) that you wish to view.
  3. Select the month that you wish to view using the date picker.

All settings will have been saved from your previous visit to the Availability Screen.

The Options menu

Sort Order

Sort Order 1 allows you to sort the order of employees by Last Name, First Name, Payroll Number or Primary Group. If necessary, you can use Sort Order 2 as a further filter.

Absence Management

You can book absence for employees through the Availability Screen, in a similar way to the Calendar.

The ‘Select Scheduled Days Only’ option can be utilised to prevent absence bookings being made on days where employees are not scheduled to work. See the difference between the two examples below (ticked v unticked), where a continuous period of absence is being selected by holding down the left-click and dragging the cursor.

Hovering over an absence will show you the details of the booking.

Viewing Holiday Balances

This setting allows you to see remaining holiday balances at a glance. ‘Hol’ refers to Personal Holiday and ‘Pub’ is Public Holidays.

The Availability Screen in action - Use Cases

Use Case A - granting or refusing holiday based on staffing levels

In the Availability Screen, you have set Options to show ‘Available’ and ‘Scheduled Employees Only’.

On Mondays to Fridays, the company policy states that staffing levels in your team need to be at or above two thirds (67%). Ryan Roberts has made a new holiday request for Thursday 8th December.

Because of the settings you have made to the Availability Screen, you can see that Thursday’s staff levels are currently at 67%, so it will not be possible to grant Ryan’s request.

Use Case B - moving staff between teams to cover sickness

In the Availability Screen, you have set Options to show ‘Absent’ and ‘Scheduled Employees Only’.

The Distribution department is split into two teams, each working on different tasks. Employees are members of the Distribution Group, and also a member of either Team A or Team B.

On weekdays, you can have up to 2 absences per team per day in order to keep productivity flowing. Absences include staff who are not scheduled to work.

Ben Brown (Team A) calls in sick today (Thursday 1st December), which you book as an absence.

By toggling between the two Groups (Team A and Team B), you can see that 3 employees from Team A are now absent today. However, Team B only has 1 employee absent. So, it’s possible to ask someone from Team B to swap roles for today and assist Team A. 

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