How do I use the Exceptions Report?

The Exceptions Report shows the number of Exceptions for individual employees over a certain period of time. You may want to report on last month’s ‘Unauthorised Overtime’ for a specific Group (which is the example we have used in this guide), or maybe multiple Exceptions over a six-month period for the entire company.

This guide will cover:

  • Running the Exceptions Report
  • Other settings

Running the Exceptions Report

  1. Select ‘Reports’ from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select ‘Exceptions’ from the Reports Tree.
  1. Set ‘Date’ to the required range that you wish to report on (eg. Last Month).
  2. Select the ‘Exception Type(s) that you wish to report on (eg. Unauthorised Overtime).
  3. Select the ‘Group(s)’ that you wish to report on.
  4. Select the ‘Report’ tab to run the report.
  1. After running the Report, you can choose to download it, as a PDF for example, by selecting ‘Export’ in the top right-hand corner of the Report screen and choosing the required method of export.

Other settings

Primary group only

Only Primary Group members of the selected Groups will appear in the report.

By Group

Lists employees by Group - useful if reporting on multiple Groups and multiple Infringements.

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