How do I see where else my team members have been scheduled?

As long as an employee uses the Rota, not only can you see their shifts within your team, you also have the option to see when they are scheduled to work in another Group.

Viewing an employee’s entire schedule

In the Rota, open ‘Options, Filters & Preferences’, navigate to the Main Rota Grid section and tick ‘Other Groups’.

All shifts, regardless of Group, will now be visible. As you can see, shifts from other Groups appear slightly faded.

By hovering your mouse pointer over a shift, you can view information regarding the Rule, Group, Cost Centre and Rate.

Additional information

Viewing shifts from another Group should only be used for reference and planning purposes. It’s important to note that you can still edit, delete or move these shifts around so be careful.

Other useful settings in ‘Options, Filters & Preferences’:

  • ‘Primary Group’ combined with ‘Sort Order: Group’ may make it easier to view the Rota when it is made up of more than one Group.
  • In the Totals section, ‘Include Other Groups’ combined with ‘Total Hours’ will allow you to see the employee’s total weekly hours. This can help prevent, but not stop, the employee from exceeding their weekly hours should you wish to allocate them another shift.

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