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Absence Management Software

Sickness, Lateness and everything in between.

Unauthorised, or unexpected, or unplanned absences happen. By their nature they challenge all organisations, whether due to suddenly being short of people power in essential areas, or communication breakdowns caused by parts of the chain being absent, or access to resources suddenly being denied. With the right tools you can stay informed, you can adapt in real time and you can manage the situation. You can be proactive, not reactive.

When it comes to Authorised Absences, what you want is a system that allows your team members to request time off from their own App; where they can see their holiday balances, their schedule, and also the current situation in their department or section. And you want a system that allows their supervisors to manage their requests in a transparent manner.

Frequent Lateness, or micro-absences, can be much more destructive than they might appear. In the vast majority of cases, lateness can by massively improved simply by tracking time and attendance. The simple act of recording attendance is a demonstration of its value to your organisation. And if it isn't measured, it isn't valued.
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Unauthorised Absences

Real Time Alerts

Get notified of any no-shows as soon as they occur with customisable email alerts. Use our Attendance Dashboard to show each Site, Group, Process or Job and where shortfalls might be. See at a glance who could be moved from where to cover any gaps and keep the wheels turning.

Supervisor Communication

Have supervisors automatically emailed with the contact details of employees who haven’t presented to work. Save time trying to work out if an employee is late or not coming in at all.

Plan for Tomorrow

Mark the team member’s next shifts as potential available, have cover in place and ready to go in case one day of absence becomes two, or more.

Count the Cost

Use Cost Centres to assign staffing costs to departments or processes. When you move people around to cover absences, they can update their cost centres accordingly, meaning the picture of where your business is using its resources is always accurate, even when covering absence.

Report and Support

The employee dashboard summarises their absence data. Use metrics like Bradford Factor to identify cases that require additional support.


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Authorised Absences

Employee Self Service

Your team can manage their entire absence experience from their smartphone via the Self Service App. See their leave balances, make and view requests, pick up extra shifts and more all from their device.
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Do I need to manage it all?

Have your team leaders track, manage and approve their own team’s absences. Share calendars with the team so employees know when they are likely to get their leave request approved - before they make it.
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Do we have cover?

See the absence request in its full context, taking into account current attendance for the team, the group, the department, the whole organisation.
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Who asked first?

Treat everyone with fairness and transparency by actioning requests by the order in which they were received.
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Who can work those shifts?

Use Skills to make sure the cover you have in place is sufficient - not just a body but someone who can fulfil the specific requirements of the shifts.
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