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Human Resources Software

Focus works with your existing policies to remove friction. Add your onboarding checklists to the Employee Records directly, store everything from Emergency Contacts to Rights to Work to License expiry dates and more. Create triggers based upon important dates and milestones, like the end of probation or long service anniversaries.

Give employees access to our app and let them manage their own details, checking timesheets, viewing important docs and requesting time off, all from their smartphones. Design your own Employee Forms and capture the info that your organisation values.
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Human Resources Software Features

Employee Holiday Tracker

View your team’s holiday picture at a glance. See where people are booked off, where requests have been made and where everyone stands with holiday balances. Get summaries at different parts of your holiday year to ensure holiday is being evenly taken.

Use Availability to make staffing decisions based on having cover in place, and use Skills to make sure you have the right kind of cover.

Employee Self Service App

Use the employee Self Service app to empower your team to manage their own holiday. Choose who can make what kind of absence requests and with what sort of lead time. Where appropriate share the schedules of the team, so employees know when and where they can request their time off.

Use Profiles to provide different tools and processes to each team or group. Decide who needs to see what, and which features are in use at any time.

Absence Management

Take control of authorised and unauthorised absences. Set alerts up so that team leaders know where they have staffing shortfalls as it happens. Attendance dashboards allow you to move resources around to plug gaps.

By tracking time and attendance you can minimise lateness and always have up to date data at your fingertips.

Location Management

Make Remote Work work. Create locations for employees' hybrid setups, use one of our geofencing options to define regions and have them use the Self Service app to make clockings.

Use the Rota to show on-site days and let your team manage their own availability.

Time and Attendance

If it isn’t measured, it isn’t valued. Track attendance using physical terminals, web browsers, our app or NFC stickers. Apply shift rules and special rates based upon whatever variables you need; time, type, duration, employee and more.

Document Management

Store files for employees safely and securely on your own servers (or the location of your choice) but have access at your fingertips.

From initial onboarding where you may wish to securely store scans of passports or driving licences, through to maintenance documentation like training records, notes on meetings and appraisals, to more regular things like payslips. It all works in Focus.

User Rights means only those who require access to documents will have it. Meanwhile, you can choose when and where to share documents with the individual employee.