Employee Scheduling

Get scheduling off your schedule.

And get back to work.

Employee Scheduling Software

Scheduling Employees doesn’t need to take a lot of your time. It doesn’t need to be a battle, or a list of revisions, crossed out scribbles or hasty post-it notes.

Most importantly, at the start of a shift, nobody should be in any doubt as to who is expected to be where. Focus manages all of this for you, massively reducing the time you need to spend planning and letting you get back to work.
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Employee Scheduling with Focus

Define Reusable Shift Rules

Shifts don’t have to just be a start time and an end time. Do you need special rules for breaks? What about late starts or early finishes? What about changes to pay rate, based on shift length or finish time? Define all that here with Shift Rules and then use them as building blocks for your rota.

Or just have a start time and an end time! :)

Set your requirements

Only you know what you need across each day and each week. If you have a requirement of people or hours, or a limit of wage budget, set it down and Focus will help you stay within your limits.

Build the Rota

You can drag and drop shift by shift, or for those staff with set patterns save yourself the trouble and drop in their work schedule. This way you can easily build for a day, a week, even a whole year at a time.

You’re also building with up to date information. If team members are unavailable for a particular day, that’s right there on the Rota. Adjust for holidays, sickness, general unavailability, all while keeping within your defined limits of hours, cost, or both.

Share the Rota

You can print the rota, or email it, but we all know it’s not set in stone, it’s a living document. So the best way to share it is with the Self Service app. That way, your team has it in their pocket from the moment you publish it - and any changes you make are instantly pushed out to them.

Update the Rota

Your rota is a living document, and things change. Notify your team immediately with the employee Self Service app. Everyone carries their up to date schedule in their pocket.


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Benefits of Scheduling Employees with Focus

No More Printing

No more paper copies of the rota, or email attachments, or drafts, final versions and final final versions. Build the schedule. Everyone carries it in their pocket, on their phone app. Need to make a change? It’s changed. For everyone. Instantly.
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Plan based on need

Define your requirements before you fill the shifts. Create templates for set periods or for set activities. Build your schedule up modularly, until every need is met.
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Use Shift Requests

Share shift requirements with your team and have them highlight their preferences, or show their availability. Remove the uncertainty by allocating shifts to those who want them and a free to work them.
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Set Compliance Requirements

Need a First Aider? A Fire Marshall? Health & Safety representation? A Keyholder? A Supervisor? Define requirements from shifts, assign Skills to your team and ensure every shift has the right cover in place every day.
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