Time and Attendance

Pay Fair

Pay accurately and transparently and save money and time doing it.

Time and Attendance Software

Whether you use biometric clocking terminals, simple NFC Wave tags or your employees' own smartphones, track time and attendance accurately with Focus.

Eliminate the potential for error at every step of the way by simply not having any data entry to worry about. Everything is collected automatically, your shift rules applied and the results are ready for sign off and payroll. It’s open, it’s transparent, and it’s fair
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Types of Clocking System

Biometric Clocking

Fingerprint or facial recognition technology is fast, secure and safe. No credentials to lose or forget, quick to set up and easy to maintain. Just connect the terminal to the Internet (or your network if you prefer) and you’re off.

Clocking Terminal

Low cost and low hassle. A keyfob or card, no need for biometrics, no need for employees having their phones to hand. Power up security if needed by adding a PIN or password, but otherwise these RFID terminals are quick and effective workhorses.

Tablet clocking Kiosk

Use a shared iPad or Android tablet to let your employees clock in and out, check their timesheets, request time off and more. No hardware overhead and super simple to use.

NFC Clocking Point

The Focus Wave is an NFC clock point that sticks to the wall. Team members use their smartphones to tap in and out, giving you the control of a fixed clocking point with the freedom of a low cost, zero maintenance solution.

Employee Smartphone App Clocking

Our iOS and Android app puts control into the hands of your team. They can clock in and out, assign themselves to tasks or projects, and do so much more. Use Geofences to define where team members can clock, putting people where you need them.

Web Browser Clocking

Anywhere employees have an Internet connection can be a clocking point with browser clocking. Use Geolocation to show you the details of where and when, or Geofencing to define clocking areas by team, by group or by individual need.

Benefits of a Time and Attendance System

Save Time

No data entry. With Focus, every swipe of every phone, badge, finger or face is instantly recorded and securely transmitted to your system.

Reduce Lateness

If it isn’t measured, it isn’t valued. Challenge your team to take ownership of their time by recording attendance and reduce lateness at the same time.

Minimise Errors

With all the data recorded automatically there are fewer opportunities for human error. With a structured approval process, there is oversight at every stage.

Apply Shift Rules

Not just a record of who is working when, but who should be working, where, and what kind of shift they are on.

Keep Fire Safe

In the event of a fire know instantly where everyone last clocked, and generate and perform Roll Calls based on this live information.

Know you’re meeting your needs

Live data of attendance across every department, every building, every room, every process. If there’s a gap due to unexpected absence, know where it can be filled from.