Smartphone Clocking System

Your team have it in hand

Smartphone Clocking System

The next stage in the evolution of time and attendance products may not be a step forward at all, but in some ways a step backwards. Because you don’t actually need to buy the latest in biometric attendance terminals in order to manage your workforce effectively. You don’t need to buy any terminal at all. You and your team already walk around with the equivalent of a supercomputer in your pockets. Save on the cost, the disruption and the potential electronic waste of installing a complex network of attendance machines, and simply use your existing smartphones.

Smartphone Clocking isn’t a compromise either. You’re not sacrificing anything - by letting your team use their phones as their attendance portals you’re letting them use the tools they’re used to, that they use every day, that they always have with them. Each employee is already an expert in their own technology.

By using their own devices for clocking in and out, for checking and confirming their schedule, for managing and requesting their annual leave, you’re letting your team take control of their own work lives.
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Features of a Smartphone Clocking System

Time and Attendance System

Smartphone clocking in and out is quick, effective, frictionless, and unique. Employees don’t forget their smartphones, they don’t lend them to colleagues, they don’t forget how to use them. What’s more, a smartphone system gives you all the benefits of a traditional time and attendance system. Time tracking increases accountability and productivity. Teams that track their time suffer much lower degrees of lateness.

The system is all about accuracy and transparency for the entire team, and instant, up to date information for you.

Remote Work and Geolocation

Your team can clock in and out from anywhere in the world, and you can have a live dashboard showing you exactly who is working where at any time. Our attendance panel shows you everything in one screen - not just who is where, but who should be where. This way you’re always the first to know.

Give the flexibility of smartphone clocking the control of a physical terminal with our Geolocation capabilities. Have your team drop map pins when they make a clocking to a remote site, client or customer visit. Alternatively, create Geofences around specific areas that you allow clockings to be made from.

Fire Reporting

You don’t need complex infrastructure to stay fire safe. Geolocation can assign employees to particular locations of Fire Groups, and the Focus Fire Alarm Roll Call and Roll Call Monitor will record everyone in the event of a fire or drill. Team members can use the app to mark themselves as ‘safe’, or team leaders and supervisors can use the interactive Roll Call checklist.

In larger sites, managers can use the Roll Call Monitor to see a live view of every Roll Call running, making sure every single team member is accounted for.

Holiday Booking System

Employees can’t just clock in and out with their smartphones. They can use the app to make absence requests, check their holiday balances and more. You and your team can view and approve request, control who can make what kind of request and when they can make them.

NFC Tags

Let your team manage their working week right from their phones. Let them show you when they’re available, have them request open shifts and make sure everyone has the latest version of the team schedule in their pocket at all times.

Shift Swapping and Schedules

Let your team manage their working week right from their phones. Let them show you when they’re available, have them request open shifts and make sure everyone has the latest version of the team schedule in their pocket at all times.

Benefits of using Smartphone Clocking

Cost Savings

With a smartphone attendance system you’re only paying for the software. No expensive hardware to buy, install and maintain.

No New Tech

Keep things simple. Allow your team to use the device they already use every day to clock in and out, check their schedule and manage their time off.

Environmental Benefits

There’s no arguing with the sense of reducing the amount of plastic and metal your organisation uses. Ten years ago it was a necessary trade off - phones just didn’t have the capabilities to serve as a clocking system. Now though, it’s a real opportunity to reduce your infrastructure overhead. And coming at things from the other direction, if you’re still using a paper system for schedules and timesheets, then it’s time to make the change.


A smartphone clocking system will scale up with you. Pay for the number of actual accounts that you use, nothing for hardware, and as your team grows the system will grow with you.