Workforce Management

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Manage your workforce without spending all your time managing your workforce

Workforce Management Software

Our mission is to reduce the time you spend managing your workforce to let you get on with your work. 

At every step of the way Focus works to minimise the friction within your organisation. Whether it’s automatically collecting time and attendance data, building and sharing employee schedules or managing holidays and sickness, Focus will do the heavy lifting, letting you get back to work.
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a selection of the Focus time and attendance clocking terminal options

Time & Attendance

Collect employee clocking data using whatever tools fit your needs; terminals, mobile apps, browsers or NFC tags. Automatically apply rules for overtime, breaks, lateness and more, and then export to payroll in a single click. 
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a range of Focus employee scheduling screens showing the rota and other scheduling elements

Employee Scheduling

Plan weeks or months ahead, have your team request shifts they are available to work or generate schedules using repeating templates. Every employee carries their schedule in their pocket and it is always up to date. Set budgets and generate rotas 
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Absence Management

Employees can request absences from their self service app, supervisors can see at a glance if cover is in place to allow it. Be alerted to unauthorised absences the moment they occur and see immediately where support can be moved from to keep staffing levels in the right range throughout.
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a selection of some of the Foc
us human resources screens

Human Resources

Use Focus as a repository for all your employee records, create triggers to warn of critical dates and renewals, and create custom forms that detail training and compliance. A suite of powerful reports provide the data needed to make informed decisions in time for them to count.
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Smartphone Clocking System

Smartphone clocking in and out is quick, effective, frictionless, and unique. Employees don’t forget their smartphones, they don’t lend them to colleagues, they don’t forget how to use them. What’s more, a smartphone system gives you all the benefits of a traditional time and attendance system.
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