Human Resources User

How do I check on Working Time Directive compliance?

Check your compliance with the Working Time Directive by running this report.

How do I get Help in Focus?

Learn how to do a variety of tasks by utilising the Help Assistant.

How do I bulk approve Timesheets?

Bulk approve Timesheets before they are either passed on for a further level of approval or processed by Payroll

How do I see which Timesheets need approval?

A quick and simple way of seeing which Timesheets still need to be approved.

How do I get started with Cost Centres?

Hours are allocated to Cost Centres in order to see how much time and money is being spent on a particular department, project or process.

How do I see an employee’s holiday balance?

There are several places in Focus where you can see an employee’s holiday balance, each giving varying degrees of detail.

How do I view several weeks of Timesheets at the same time?

In Focus, you have the option of viewing up to 6 weeks of Timesheets at the same time.

How do I use the Exceptions Report?

The Exceptions Report shows the number of Exceptions for individual employees over a certain period of time.

How do I assign different pay values to Rates?

Learn how Rate Factors and Gross Hourly Pay work together and how they affect an employee's timesheet.

How do I record a non-working notice period (Garden Leave)?

Learn how to create an appropriate absence reason and how to apply this to employees who are not working their notice period.

How do I convert someone’s Holiday Type from Hours to Days?

In Focus, annual leave can be earned and spent in either hours or days. Learn how to convert from one to the other.

How do I allow employees to modify the exact number of hours they are requesting off?

Modifying the hours request is a simple Self Service Profile permission.

How do I track Public Holiday balance separately to Personal Holiday balance?

By default, Focus begins with a single Leave Channel, called ‘Personal’, which is used to track employees’ holiday entitlement.

How do I set a new starter's holiday balance?

In Focus, you need to set a yearly allowance before making adjustments in order to set an employee’s pro-rata allowance.

How do I record notes on an Employee record?

This is done in the Memos tab of the Employee Form.

How do I prevent employees from requesting more Absence than their entitlement allows?

This is easily achieved by turning off the ‘Request More Than Allowed’ setting in Self Service Profiles.

How do I prevent employees from making short notice absence requests?

In order to ensure that you have enough cover in place, you may wish to set a minimum notice period that employees have to give when making absence requests.

How do I make sure First Aiders are getting scheduled?

Scheduling First Aiders is done in the Drafting Bench and is as simple as adding a regular shift requirement.

How do I make an adjustment to someone’s holiday balance?

Adjusting someone's holiday balance is easy to manage from the Absence Tab of the Employee Form.

How do I make sure a Fire Marshall is scheduled when needed?

Scheduling Fire Marshalls can be done with the Drafting Bench and is as simple as adding a regular shift requirement.

How do I create and share custom Employee Reports?

Employees Reports can be created to contain a variety of information from staff contact details to who the First Aiders are in the workplace.

How do I add Employee Photos to Focus?

Upload employee photos to help manage large workforces.

How do I report on the Bradford Factor?

Understand how to get this value from Focus for whatever date range you wish.

How do I set an Employee's leaving date?

See where to tell Focus about an Employee's leaving date.

How do I keep track of company equipment that my team uses at home?

Use custom fields to track company equipment assigned to your team.

How do I import employees?

Import your employees from a csv file.

How do I create custom Employee Date Alert Workflows?

Create triggers that inform you of crucial dates approaching: licenses expiring, insurance to renew, probation ending and more.

How do I keep track of an individual’s holiday entitlement?

There are several ways in which you can keep track of an individual’s holiday entitlement - here are some of them.

How do I use Employee Templates?

Employee templates are a great way to get new team members set up quickly in Focus.

How do I assign Skills to employees?

Assign Skills to Employees to track their progress and help your rota builders ensure they have the right people in place.