Team Leader / Supervisor

How do I use Push Notifications with Self Service?

Enable Push Notifications to let your team know when their Absence Requests have been actioned.

How do I get started with the Calendar?

Everything you need to know to navigate your way around employee Calendars.

How do I get Help in Focus?

Learn how to do a variety of tasks by utilising the Help Assistant.

How do I print the Rota?

Print your Rotas at the push of a button.

How do I bulk approve Timesheets?

Bulk approve Timesheets before they are either passed on for a further level of approval or processed by Payroll

How do I see which Timesheets need approval?

A quick and simple way of seeing which Timesheets still need to be approved.

How do my team let me know if they are unavailable to work?

To help with your Rota planning, you can easily set up a system that allows employees to request not to be rostered on specific days.

How do I get started with Cost Centres?

Hours are allocated to Cost Centres in order to see how much time and money is being spent on a particular department, project or process.

How do I see an employee’s holiday balance?

There are several places in Focus where you can see an employee’s holiday balance, each giving varying degrees of detail.

How do I view several weeks of Timesheets at the same time?

In Focus, you have the option of viewing up to 6 weeks of Timesheets at the same time.

How do I use Calculation Types with Absence Reasons?

When booking an absence, Focus uses one of three Calculation Types (Add To, Set To, From Schedule) to decide how to apply the hours to the employee’s Timesheet.

How do I use the Availability Screen?

There is more to the Availability Screen than simply viewing which employees are absent or available each month.

How do I use Calculation Types on the Timesheet?

Calculation Types are what Focus uses to calculate time when making edits. In Timesheets, they come into play when an edit to hours is being made.

How do I record a non-working notice period (Garden Leave)?

Learn how to create an appropriate absence reason and how to apply this to employees who are not working their notice period.

How do I book Absences via the Rota?

For those who prefer to use the Rota to book Absences rather than via the Calendar, Timesheet or Availability Screen.

How do I set up an Employee to be included in the Rota?

Setting up an employee to use the Rota is done in the Rules tab of the Employee Form.

How do I record an absence due to sickness?

There are several ways in which you can record a sickness absence. This guide will look at each of these in turn.

How do I make sure First Aiders are getting scheduled?

Scheduling First Aiders is done in the Drafting Bench and is as simple as adding a regular shift requirement.

How do I build a long term Rota?

Building a long term Rota can be a quick and painless process. Learn how.

How do I make sure a Fire Marshall is scheduled when needed?

Scheduling Fire Marshalls can be done with the Drafting Bench and is as simple as adding a regular shift requirement.

How do I view shift requests and apply them to the Rota?

See which shifts your team have made themselves available for, and build a rota knowing you will have people in place.

How do I make shifts available to my team?

Define your shift requirements and let your team request which shifts they wish to work.

How do I authorise overtime?

Check your team's overtime and authorise it with these simple steps.

How do I process Timesheet Exceptions?

Timesheet Exceptions are things that need your attention, and range from missing clockings to unauthorised overtime. Learn how to resolve them.

How do I check shifts have been assigned a Cost Centre?

Check that shifts are being assigned to the correct Cost Centres and update quickly if needed.

How do I update employee Timesheets?

A look at adding clockings, changing shifts and editing hours on employee timesheets.

How do I keep track of my team’s holiday entitlement?

Keep up to date with the holiday balances for your entire team - get context for approving or refusing absence requests.

How do I keep track of an individual’s holiday entitlement?

There are several ways in which you can keep track of an individual’s holiday entitlement - here are some of them.

How do I check if someone has clocked in for work yet?

A couple of quick ways of seeing, at a glance, if your team have clocked in.

How do I build a Rota to budget?

If you have a budget for your daily or weekly wage spend, the Rota can help you keep within it.

How do I see where else my team members have been scheduled?

See if your team are scheduled to work elsewhere.

How do I make changes to the Rota?

Learn about some of the quickest ways to make changes to your Rota.

How do I find an employee's contact details?

Find employees' contact details.

How do I build a Rota with Skill requirements?

Set Skill requirements for shifts on the Rota to make sure you have the right people for the job.

How do I approve and lock Timesheets?

Approve your team's timesheets with ease.

How do I build a Rota using Shift Rules?

Shift Rules are the building blocks of a Rota - use them to create your schedule.

How do I approve or decline someone's holiday request?

Action holiday requests from your team.

How do I use templates within the Drafting Bench?

Work with templates to quickly define your scheduling needs for the week.

How do I build a Rota using the Drafting Bench?

The Drafting Bench is designed to assist with the planning and building of your Rotas.